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Website Analyser Package from Search Matters in Sheffield to bring you success with your website

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Website analyser package

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Our Website Analyser Package provides a detailed report covering all aspects of your current website including:

  • Technical construction, performance and search engine optimisation
  • Usability
  • Corporate Image
  • Detailed analysis of how your website is actually being used

If your website is currently using Google Analytics then it will take 2 weeks to produce the report otherwise it will take 6 weeks as we will need to set Google Analytics up on your website and wait for a month to get the results. When we present you with the report we will arrange a one-to-one session lasting up to one hour when we can clarify any issues raised in the report and discuss possible courses of action.


The Website Analyser Package costs £150.

Further Reading

We have produced a number of briefing notes to help you understand how your website affects your business. Each one has been designed so that you can read it in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. So go on, put the kettle on, click on the links, print them out, sit down and start learning about your website:

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